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Health Promotion Service Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

Volunteer Cornwall

Location: county wide

Cost: free

Volunteer Cornwall is a charity dedicated to developing active and engaged citizens through volunteering.

Volunteer Cornwall lives by its 5 underpinning values which are:

  1. To be bold
  2. To be Passionate
  3. To work reciprocally (with mutual respect)
  4. To work with collective purpose (for a common goal)
  5. Promoting neighbourliness (Helpful neighbour)

We relate these to our daily work by being:

enabling,creating opportunity, innovating, providing proactive leadership and being inclusive

We match people who want to volunteer with organisations that need volunteers. We also have a range of projects and services – all designed to support and develop volunteers and host organisations. So explore our website and find out more about how we use the power of volunteering to change lives…We want to provide you with a safe, engaging and positive experience at all times.



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