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Health Promotion Service Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

Promas - Caring for people CIC

Location: county wide

Cost: no cost

Promas is  Cornish for a promise or undertaking

We work with unpaid carers across the County of Cornwall who are caring for a family member or friend, delivering free courses to teach carers the emotional, practical and resource skills necessary to enable them to continue in their caring roles.

Caring for a family member or friend requires specialised skill. It is often unexpected and comes with no training on how to cope. Currently there is no training of this  type available in the UK.

Of all the carers who have undertaken our training over 80% have experienced Depression, Anxiety and a multitude of physical illnesses exacerbated by their caring role. We want to ensure that this statistic reduces, not increases, giving people the right help and support to keep them well ensuring a healthy and active part in the community. Our courses are not a “sticking plaster”, but offer a preventative tool to abate crises before they happen.

Sometimes life events may have had a negative impact on people’s ability to move forward and progress. Our role is to teach people the skills and strategies to enable them to develop healthier and more fulfilling lives.



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