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Health Promotion Service Cornwall and Isles of Scilly

Participation questionnaire

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Your name *
How long have you been volunteering with Health Promotion? *

What types of volunteer role(s) have you undertaken with Health Promotion so far? *
How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements regarding your experience volunteering with Health Promotion?
I met people and made friends through it *
I got satisfaction from seeing the resultst *
It gave me a sense of personal achievement *
It broadened my experience of life *
It gave me a chance to do things I'm good at *
I really enjoyed it *
It helped me to build confidence in myself *
It gave me the chance to learn new skills *
It gave me the chance to learn new skills *
Overall, how satisfied were you with the voluntary work that you were doing with Health Promotion? *
What are the best things about volunteering with Health Promotion so far? *
Do you have any suggestions on how volunteering with Health Promotion could be improved i.e. support, training, management, communication, the role? 
Has being a Health Champion had an impact on your life? i.e. are you now more active. Gained confidence etc. 
Below is a scale of 7 headings that represent different parts of your life, where do you consider yourself to be today
Health *
Self esteem *
Confidence *
Career Aspirations *
Future Aspirations *
Money *
Training *