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Young People

“Get Savvy… about Savvy”

Are you a service interested in becoming Savvy? A Savvy service who wants to get a refresh on the Savvy approvals process and the online toolkit? Then our free "Get Savvy... about Savvy" workshops are for you.

There are two workshops (and services can opt to join either or both as appropriate to your needs):

Workshop 1 - Get Savvy About Savvy: The Programme and Service

Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm

Workshop 2 – Get Savvy About Savvy: The Toolkit & Approval Process

Time: 1pm - 3pm

For more information about Savvy or the workshops get in touch

RSPH Level 2 Certificate for Youth Health Champions

This qualification is for individuals with an interest in health who are also interested in helping others develop a healthier lifestyle by taking on the role of a health champion helping young people to improve their health. Learners will research their local are to determine the health improvement facilities and services available, develop skills for delivering health improvement messages and increase their knowledge and understanding of a specific health improvement issue.

Learners will take three mandatory units and one optional unit from a choice of seven and are delivered over a number of weeks during short sessions. The mandatory units are:

YHC 1 Health Improvement

YHC 2 Research Health Improvement Facilities

YHC 3 Deliver a health improvement message to a group of peers

The optional units are:

YHC 4 Understanding Alcohol Misuse

YHC 5 Encouraging physical activity

YHC 6 Encouraging a Healthy Weight and Healthy Eating

YHC 7 Understanding Sexual Health

YHC 8 Supporting Smoking Cessation

YHC 9 Understanding the Misuse of Substances

YHC 10 Understanding Emotional Wellbeing


Summary of Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand what is meant by health and wellbeing

  2. Understand factors that have led to the improvement of public health

  3. Understand how lifestyle may have a negative effect on health

  4. Understand how lifestyle may have a positive effect on health

  5. Know how to improve your own health.

Get Savvy About Savvy: The Programme and Service

Get Savvy About Savvy: The Toolkit & Approval Process